We Have Moved! August 1, 2015


We Have Changed Our Name to BeatNicVapor.com

We will be shutting down the e-cigexpress.com website on August 1st and will be moving to a new URL – beatnicvapor.com.

Before we tell you why, we should at least let you know that we’ve tried to make the transition to our new website as easy as possible and have provided the answers to the most frequently asked questions we are getting about this move, below:

Will I Have to Enter All of My Account Information Again?

In most cases, the answer to this question is “No”. We have tried to make the transition as smooth as possible. We have copied all of the names, addresses, telephone numbers and Email addresses over to the new website. If you are a very new customer, we may have missed you, though.

bnv-loginWe do not have access to anyone’s password and have never had access to any of your credit card information so we couldn’t copy those things over. YOU WILL NEED TO UPDATE YOUR PASSWORD!

All you need to do is click the Login link on the BeatNic Vapor website. Then, simply enter the Email address that you currently use at e-cigexpress and click on the password reset link. An email will be immediately sent to you. Click the link in that Email and you will be taken to the BeatNic Vapor website and a page where you can enter the same password you were using at e-cigexpress (or a new one if you like).

pw-resetDon’t forget to enter the CAPTCHA security code – a spam prevention mechanism. Don’t worry; it’s usually a really simple three or four digit number and not one of those impossible to read scribbles! Then, just click the SAVE NEW PASSWORD button and you’re good to go and already logged in. Piece of cake!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to immediately reset your password when you are sent the password reset link message. To prevent unauthorized access to your account if you leave your computer unattended for a long while, the password reset link expires shortly after being sent.

Are All of the Same Products Available?

All of the e-cigarette models, supplies and e-juice flavors that were on e-cigexpress are at BeatNic Vapor. All we have done is change the name of the company and website.

We have re-named a few of the devices, however. An Evolution-X e-cigarette is now called the BeaNic Form and Joye eGos and Joye 510s are now called BeatNic eGos and BeatNic 510s. We also have a CLOSEOUT SALE ITEMS category with rock bottom prices on things that simply are not as popular as they once were and are being discontinued or they are products that were shipped in error by the manufacturers and we have to get rid of them somehow!

What About the Website Glitches?

A few months ago, we started experiencing website glitches here on e-cigexpress.com – orders not coming through to us, customers trying to order and the website crashing, emails that were never making their way to us. Despite our best efforts at fixing those bugs, they were part of server upgrades at the shopping cart platform that we use to host e-cigexpress and there was nothing we could do about some of the problems.

The BeatNic Vapor website has been built on a completely different shopping cart platform and, thus far, we have experienced no problems with it at all. If you do experience any problems, please let us know!

Why Are You Changing Names?

All good things come to an end. After nearly 6 years of operating as e-cigexpress, we have decided to change the name of the company and create a new website for several reasons.

One of the most compelling reasons we have changed names is that there is another e-cigarette company with nearly the same name located in Washington state (we are in Orlando, Florida) and their name DOES NOT have the dash between “e” and “cig”. Although it doesn’t happen very often, sometimes we get calls from their customers wondering where their orders are or asking how to use products of theirs that we don’t carry (the ONLY thing both sites sell that are the same is the eGo battery). We know nothing about their products, where these customer’s orders are and certainly are not in a position to make excuses for another company. We simply give them the phone number to the other company and wish them luck!

Another important reason for the change is that we have spent many years developing a stellar service reputation and do not want our reputation being jeopordized by the service of another company, which may be very good for all we know, but it may not be, too. We know ours is great and prefer to have complete control of our reputation.

beatnic-dude-smirkFinally, the BeatNic website gives us an opportunity to better create our own brand. The play on words between the cool hipsters of the beat generation known as “beatniks” combined with quitting nicotine consumption – especially in the form of tobacco cigarettes – was just too hard to resist: Beat Nicotine … BeatNic. Plus, we got to create a fun little BeatNic Dude character for the site!

We have finally found an American e-liquid manufacturer that makes really good e-liquid and will make it to our standards with much higher PG (propylene glycol) levels than you find in most other “Made in the USA” e-juice. That assures us of having great tasting e-liquid with a great throat hit and gives us the opportunity to have our own e-liquid brand. We are waiting to see what goes down with the whole FDA regulation fiasco before making that costly move, however.


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