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Anarchist Black E-Liquid Review

Anarchist Black is an e-juice blend specifically made for all vapers with a sweet tooth. Imagine biting into a sweet cupcake with vanilla cream frosting and sprinkled with frosted flakes and fruity pebbles. That is exactly what it tastes like when you are vaping this e-liquid from Anarchy. It is amazing how the taste of this e-juice matches its description. One of the only qualms you may have is that some of the fruit pebble flavors are more dominant than others. This is an all day vape especially if you love sweet e-liquids.

Anarchist’s Black e-juice will remind you of Looper by ANML, but the flavor of fruity pebbles in the blend adds a different twist to it. You can taste the flavor of cupcake and frosting when vaping this e-liquid. However, both flavors do not come off very strong. If you but this e-liquid because of the cupcake flavor you may be disappointed because it is mild. There is a clear taste of something baked and cereal-like in the blend. On the inhale, your taste buds will be consumed by sweetness, but you can pick out the cupcake and creamy vanilla frosting as well as the frosted flakes. On the exhale, the taste of fruity pebbles comes to life. The lemon flavor in the fruity pebbles seems to be the strongest. This has led some vapers to conclude that the blend was meant to imitate that of lemon cupcakes. If you purchase this e-juice and the taste of lemon flavor is very strong, you need to steep it for some time. The taste of this Anarchist e-juice tends to change slightly as you pump up the wattage. Although Black is a complex blend, you can taste all the ingredients when you are vaping it.

Anarchist Black has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 75vg/25pg. Therefore, it is thick and vapes smoothly. The cloud production of this e-liquid is simply lovely. It will give you huge clouds of thick, flavorful vapor. This e-juice also has an impressive throat hit. It comes in 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, or 6mg of nicotine. The throat hit of the version of this e-liquid with 2mg of nicotine is very mild. You are going to get a stronger throat hit from the version of Anarchist Black with a higher nicotine concentration.

This texture of this e-juice makes it ideal for dripping. However, it will clog up your coils pretty quickly. It seems that the sweetener in it is the culprit behind this. Many vapers have complained of ending up with blackened coil heads after vaping Anarchist Black for some time.

Anarchist Black comes in a black, opaque bottle with a nozzle tip to make it easier to drip or fill your tank. On the bottle, there is a label with the Anarchist logo on it. The packaging of this e-liquid is simple like that of other e-juices blends from Anarchist. Some vapers may have an issue with the fact that the bottle of this e-juice is opaque since you cannot see what it looks like and the exact amount left in the bottle.

Anarchist is one of the names making rounds in the US e-liquid market. The company makes high-grade e-juice blends using the best ingredients. Anarchist Black is not the only e-juice from this company. Anarchist has many other e-liquids on the market with unique flavor like Anarchist Blue, Anarchist Green, Anarchist Purple, Anarchist Red, and Anarchist White. It usually costs up to $25 for a 60ml bottle of an e-juice from Anarchy. However, you can get them on Ultimate Vape Deals for as low as $11.99 each.

Anarchist Black is not for everyone. If you do not like sweet vapes, you may not enjoy it. However, if you love sweet e-liquids, you may get hooked on this one.