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Avoiding the vaper’s tongue

Not getting the taste you expect from your favorite vape juice? You could be suffering from the vapor’s tongue. You want to know more about it, and how it can be solved then keep reading. In case your favorite e-liquid just started to taste a little flat you probably could be experiencing the vapor’s tongue. Vapors’ tongue symptoms may include a numb tongue, inability to taste your favorite e-liquid flavor or even an unpleasant taste from your trusted everyday vape juice. Do not be afraid, because the vapor’s tongue is not something to think about as it is not permanent, moreover there are many ways to treat it! Some of these may include

Getting hydrated:

 There is never really a time when drinking lots of water on a day-to-day basis is bad for you. Indeed, drinking more water is an important part of really enjoying vaping and your favorite e-liquids. That is because slight dehydration can cause a side effect in vaping. The materials that make up the vapor in the e-liquids are known as humectants. That is to say, they retain moisture.

In particular, the moisture in your mouth. When you get dry mouth, you end up coating your gums, cheeks, and particularly your tongue with a thick film. The solution here is therefore pretty simple: drink more water, particularly during and in-between vaping. Good oral hygiene also makes a difference, so get your toothbrush real intimate.

Change your flavor:

For me, this simple solution works. Just change the flavor you are vaping, and after a few weeks, return to it. Ideally, it will taste as good as it used to. Fortunately, there are many flavors to choose from. Flavorah is an e-liquid you can use for a DIY vape juice. Flavorah comes in uncountable flavors to choose from. They have been around for long and are known for using the best standards in the industry for their e-liquids.

Take longer breaks between vapes:

If you’re a chain vaper, your taste and scent receptors can sometimes be affected. One way of reducing vape time is by raising the nicotine level. Lower nicotine will satisfy you without having another hit for longer periods. If you are not interested in upping the nicotine, just take longer breaks between the breaks of your vape to rest your buds.

Vape unflavored:

Another smart way to get over the vapor’s tongue is to vape unflavored base. It’s similar to taking a vape break but without really doing it. Unflavored e-juice has no taste at all — just a mild sweetness — so you’re not going to miss out on any flavor. DIY shops typically sell unflavored vape juice, and you can find the PG / VG ratio you like and your preferred level of nicotine. Unflavored vape juice is typically considerably cheaper than flavored vape juice.

The most frustrating sometimes is when you feel your sense of taste has gone on a holiday. This can last for a couple of days, up to several weeks. While there is no immediate “best” option, a lot of vapers suggest reaching your taste buds with a “shock and awe” approach. Try menthol or cinnamon in a strong flavor.

Next time you hit a vapor tongue with a Homemade vape juice, just run through some of these vapor tongue remedies. Eventually, you will find one that will work for you. Enjoy your vape juice!