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Caramel Waffle Cappuccino by The Pier Review

Nothing beats the smell and taste of coffee in the morning. Caramel Waffle Cappuccino by The Sauce LA captures the bold cappuccino flavor mixed with sweet caramels and waffles in vape form. This is one of the bestselling vape liquids from The Pier, and it is quite affordable. Visit The Sauce LA  online store to order a bottle of this e-liquid and check out other amazing vapes from this company.

Caramel Waffle Cappuccino was named the “Best Coffee/Tea Flavor” at Vape Nights Las Vegas in 2016. According to The Sauce LA site, this e-liquid offers “sweet caramel [that] hits your palate first, rich and full-bodied. On the exhale, you’re treated to brusque notes of a perfectly press-brewed cup of coffee, with just a touch of cream and sugar.”

This vape juice is composed of coffee, waffle, caramel, and buttercream flavor. On the inhale, I got a strong caramel flavor with hints of fluffy cappuccino. On the exhale, there is a combination of all the flavors. I can taste the waffle and buttercream. Each hit leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

You can vape this e-liquid using either a tank or an RDA. Your setup can affect the e-liquid’s flavor. If you plan to vape at low wattages (below 4 volts), I suggest you use a single coil RTA for a good experience. Meanwhile, if you vape at higher watts (above 4 volts) expect strong, dark, and distinct notes of coffee flavor. The flavor is akin to a dark roasted coffee blend, but thank goodness, it is not that bitter. I like my coffee sweet, so this is good for me.

To be honest, this vape juice needs steeping. Don’t try vaping it right away when you buy it. Give it a couple of weeks at least to steep. Steeping this e-liquid will pay off.

For as low as $9.99, you can get a 30mL bottle of Caramel Waffle Cappuccino. You will enjoy friendly customer service and quick delivery of orders when you buy from The Sauce LA online store.

The packaging design of this device is simple and quite remarkable. But I had some difficulty using it because of the thick dripper tip. It was so hard to fill my tank without spilling a few drops. This would not be a problem for drippers though. I guess this is why the company provides the option for you to opt for a portable unicorn bottle for less than six bucks only.

The e-juice comes in a clear glass bottle. There is a clear label on the bottle which features all the usual information.

As for the throat hit, Caramel Waffle Cappuccino deserves a perfect 10/10 score. It is smooth on the throat.

For flavor accuracy, I am scoring this e-juice 9/10. You can taste sweet notes of caramel. The caramel flavor is mild instead of being overpoweringly sweet. I forgot to mention about the waffle, didn’t I? It comes out in some setups, others not. It is usually followed by the taste of dark roasted coffee, making it a perfect breakfast combination.

Caramel Waffle Cappuccino is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. This vape juice comes with three different nicotine strength levels. You can get Caramel Waffle Cappuccino with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

This The Pier e-juice comes in different bottle sizes: 30mL, 60mL, and 120mL which are going for $9.99, $19.99, and $29.99, respectively. You can get this vape juice online at The Sauce LA’s official online store.

The Pier is offering a deal that allows you to get a 120mL bottle of this e-juice for only $12.99 only. There are three flavors to choose from for this deal Vanilla Bean Cream, Caramel Waffle Cappuccino, and XXX. Do you also want a flavor boost? Add a 30-mL flavor shot for as low as $9.99.