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Cheap E-Juice Vanilla Cake Flavor Review

Who needs to go to a party to get a slice of cake these days? They are literally everywhere, as in sometimes on every corner of the streets. Just like real cakes, cake-infused vape juices have also become a common household flavor in the industry with hundreds of recipes. That being said, my ultimate goal is to try as many as possible and share it to you.

Today, a friend hooked me up with this Vanilla Cake e-liquid by Cheap E-Juice. I have heard a lot of good things and read good reviews about this so I am very excited to give it a try myself.

Packaging-wise, this e-juice comes in 120-mL chubby gorilla bottles. I like how easily I can squeeze the e-juice out from this bottle; thanks to its easy pour dripping narrow tip. Also I love how this pocket-friendly design is equipped with a child-resistant cap.

The overall design is quite straightforward. In front, you won’t miss the boldly printed brand name “Cheap Ejuice”, which is displayed in a vertical text form occupying at least half of the space. Just below it, you can find the flavor name “Vanilla Cake” and the bottle size (in mL).

Now, let’s head on to the flavor.

“Vanilla Cake by Cheap eJuice is a vanilla cake flavored e-juice packed with creams and custards and topped with satisfyingly delicious vanilla frosting.”

The flavor profile actually sounds good and that is pretty accurate and this has become one of my favorite go-to blends.

When you smell the e-juice, you will immediately get the vanilla frosting with hints of some custards and cream, and there is some cake in there too, although the cake is a little more setback. The first three flavors are more prevalent in this juice.

I did some taste testing, and this will definitely give you the wow factor. There is really that vanilla flavorthat somehow reminds me of a vanilla custard with some cream and a little bit of cake.

Now, time to sweat the wick. This flavor really does feel smooth on the throat. And just like the rest of the Cheap E-Juices flavor, there is some kind of tingling sensation in the nose. But then again, this is not a big issue at all; it’s nothing major really. The quality of this blend is very decent.

On the inhale, you will notice a not overly sweet but rich vanilla flavor. Then upon exhale, that vanilla is right up front. The flavor is still rich and sweet. It seems like there is a sweet frosting that goes with it. The cake flavor starts to come out about halfway through the exhale with notes of custard and cream.

The Vanilla Cake e-liquid by Cheap Ejuice has a ratio of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. This definitely gives a very nice performance. The clouds this produces are also nice, huge, and dense, and they stay for quite some time. So if you plan to fill an entire room of vanilla cake goodness, then this e-juice does a pretty good job on that.

This really has a satisfying flavor, and I vaped this for straight a week and I kept on falling in love with it every single day.  And because of that, I am giving this a score of 9.5 out of 10. I have to knock off that half point because of the nose tingling. But overall, this got a nice solid flavor.

This flavor is one of the best-selling on the market today. I suggest you get yourself some before it runs out. Head on to the Dessert Flavors Collection of the Cheap Ejuice website now and grab a 120-mL chubby gorilla bottle for only $12.99. Now, I know there are so many vanilla cake flavored ejuices on the market today, but with this price and quality, this is the only one that gets my money.

There are two available nicotine options for this blend – 6 mg and 3 mg. A piece of advice though, if you are new to vaping, I recommend you start lower and increase the strength gradually or if you don’t find the last one satisfying at all. Drippers with rebuildable atomizers like RDAs or RBAs or those with more advanced sub-ohm tank systems opt for the 3 mg. Meanwhile, the 6 mg is a good start for current moderate or light vapers.