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Citrus Burst E-Juice By Burst Review

We can all agree that the taste and flavor of citrus fruits are as unique as they are unmistakable. It is not surprising then that several e-juice manufacturers have sought to capture this unique taste and flavor in their e-liquid blends. As expected, citrus-based e-liquid blends are quite popular among vapers.

Burst E-Liquids is a US-based e-juice manufacturer that specializes in mixing different fruit and classic candy flavors to create memorable e-liquids. Citrus Burst is one the best citrus-based e-liquids on the market. The citrus flavors used in producing this premium e-juice include limes, lemons, and oranges. Besides the taste of these citrus flavors, Citrus Burst also features the taste of sweet sorbet.

Citrus Burst is an all day vaping candidate for vapers who enjoy citrus flavored e-liquids. Citrus Burst has the distinct taste of citrus fruits. This citrus flavor which is quite intense can be felt with every puff. This e-juice also has a very sweet taste to it. Both sweet and sour flavors combine to give this e-juice its unique taste. When you inhale Citrus Burst, it is the sour taste of the different citrus flavors that dominate the taste buds. The taste of the oranges, lime, and sour lemon flavors can be felt on the inhale. These citrus flavors are blended with the taste of taffy candy flavor. This taffy candy which compliments the citrus flavors has a creamy feel to it. When you exhale Citrus Burst, the taste of the different flavors from the inhale gets intense. Citrus Burst has a sweet and fruity aftertaste. This e-juice is for vapers who enjoy fruity flavored e-liquids. Sweet tooth vapers would also enjoy this Burst e-juice.

Citrus Burst like other Burst E-Liquid flavors is manufactured with both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a preset ratio of 80/20. The max VG and reduced PG ratio of this e-juice give it a thick and smooth texture. Citrus Burst would work well on a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). This premium e-juice would also work well with a sub ohm tank.

If you enjoy puffing vast clouds of vapor when you when, then you will enjoy Citrus Burst. The high VG content of this e-juice makes it produce very impressive clouds of vapors. These clouds are not only thick, but they also seem to linger in the air. The clouds that Citrus Burst produces also retain a lot of its flavors which gives it a nice aroma. When you vape Citrus Burst, there is no need to worry about throat irritations and discomfort. The throat hit of this e-juice is very smooth and mellow.

Like all other Burst e-juice flavors, Citrus Burst comes in relatively low nicotine strength levels. These nicotine strength levels include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Also like other Burst e-juice blends, Citrus Burst is sold in 60ml Chubby Gorilla bottles. These bottles also come with a nozzle cap. Vapers can purchase this premium e-juice on ecig.com. On this ecig store, you can buy different e-liquids at a discounted price. On this site, you can buy a 60ml bottle of Citrus Burst for only $15.00. The same size of this e-juice used to be sold for $29.99. Besides Citrus, other Burst e-liquid flavors can also be purchased on this ecig store.