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Clearomizers versus Cartomizers: How to Choose

Clearomizers are one of the newer developments in electronic cigarette technology. In the same way that cartomizers were created to give vapers an option in addition to the atomizer and cartridge format, clearomizers offer yet another alternative.
So how do you decide between cartomizers and clearomizers for your vaping needs? It?s a matter of priority.

How Much Vapor You Have

The big appeal of clearomizers is that, as the name states, they are clear. To be more accurate, the clearomizer body is made of transparent plastic, often tinted in a variety of colors. This means that you can see exactly how much vapor is left, and know exactly when to refill.

Of course, not everyone wants to see the liquid. Like so many things about electronic cigarettes, it’s personal preference. Some think the clearomizer looks a bit too odd and futuristic. These people may prefer to stick with what they know.

Keep Your E-Cigarette Looking Sleek

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, you may not know this, but within the vaping community, there are two different points of view on how an electronic cigarette should look. Some want something that looks as much like a traditional cigarette as possible. They may find vaping more comfortable that way or it may be that they have an easier time explaining to others what an electronic cigarette is if it resembles the familiar, traditional cigarette look.

Others want to distance themselves from smoking, or maybe just prefer something that feels a bit more high tech and futuristic. Those folks tend to enjoy the look of a transparent clearomizer for the ?cool? factor.

Ease of Use Considerations

While refillable with nicotine juice, cartomizers are disposed of once the atomizer is worn out, or when you lose a warm throat hit. Cartomizers are fortunately very inexpensive in the grand scheme of things. You can usually buy a 5-pack for less than $15. With each lasting two weeks on average (depending on usage and vapor consistency), it’s clear that cartomizers are intended to be disposable, and that?s how most people use them.

Clearomizers are ultimately disposable as well but after a longer period of time. That’s why they cost a bit more, and also why they are so much easier to clean. You don’t have to come up with convoluted methods to clean your clearomizer. You simply take it apart and rinse it out. You can even buy inexpensive replacement atomizers to extend the life of your clearomizer even more.

If ease of use is your primary consideration, then the “use and toss” feature of cartomizers is probably going to appeal to you more. If on the other hand, you are willing to do a bit of maintenance and upkeep to limit spending, you may find that clearomizers are your best option.

Vapor and Flavor: A Matter of Preference

When it comes to vapor and vape juice flavor, this is one area that’s purely subjective. That’s why we recommend trying both cartomizers and clearomizers and deciding which you prefer. Clearomizer fans say that the flavors are much stronger and overall better with the clearomizers use of wicking technology. Those who prefer cartomizers often say that the filter and coil combination creates a more satisfying vapor. Of course, there are those who feel the opposite about both technologies.

With electronic cigarettes being so much less expensive than traditional smoking overall, there’s no reason not to try out both technologies and form your own opinion. There are even some who prefer clearomizers for certain e-liquid flavors and cartomizers for others. Again, it’s completely subjective.

Just another Example of E-Cigarettes and Their Many Options

There are already so many reasons people are choosing electronic cigarettes, and a number of available customization options rank high on that list. You have all of the same choices that traditional smoking allows . . . Long or short, multiple strengths . . . But you can even further customize the look and feel of your best vape juice experience, and truly make the most of your electronic cigarette