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Cookie Butter by Loaded E Review

Unlike other attempts by other companies to make perfect pastry blends of e-juice, Cookie Butter isn’t your typical pastry flavored vape juice. It isn’t pasty or heavy in any way. Its light presence is sweet enough alone, eliminating the need for coil gunking sweetener additives. From the dripping experience, Cookie Butter vapes exceptionally clean without any buildup that can kill your coils and flavor in a hurry. The flavor is perfect with the jam being sweet but also very natural and this is balanced exquisitely with the doughnut flavor so no individual ingredient dominates the mix.

This juice can easily be a go-to juice and you might literally vape it day. The flavor is not overwhelming at all and the clouds it gives off are good too. Another cool thing about this vape juice is that it leaves no artificial aftertaste. You will not get tired of the taste quite easily because the sweetness hits you almost right away and gets you hooked. This is one e-liquid that you can have for your daily juice. This flavor for me can only be described as awesome and I preferred the Cookie Butter far more to the any other pastry flavored juice, but that’s probably due to the fact I love cookies. But there is no denying they made a masterpiece with this one. The flavor is perfect, being sweet but also very natural and this is balanced exquisitely with the cookie flavor so no individual feel dominates the mix. When you factor in that there is the subtle but sweet taste of sugar and butter on your lips after each exhale it makes for a stellar vape.

In terms of presentation, Loaded E surely made some efforts on its marketing and branding. Cookie Butter comes in a glass dropper bottle with a tight cap. The bottle displays relevant product information including the brand name, flavor, lot number, expiration date, and the usual warnings. The dropper cap makes it easier to directly transfer the e-juice into any tank or dripper too. Cookie Butter has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. You will enjoy the taste of this e-juice whether you choose to vape it with a dripper or a sub ohm tank. A silky throat hit channels through your taste buds to deliver a satisfying, smooth exhale.

Cookie Butter by Loaded E comes in three nicotine concentration levels. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. 0 mg or no nicotine for new vapers or vapers who aren’t really interested in the nicotine content or with little or no cravings for nicotine, the 3 mg is usually used by drippers or sub-ohm tank users. This is best for vapers who are stepping down from higher nicotine levels, and 6mg or low nicotine for those who want that extra kick or are substantial smokers, that is light to moderate smokers. Vapers with tanks or atomizers usually use this. All come in 120ml bottles at a price of $35 at Vape-Box.com. One of the best deals you can get.

Loaded E-Liquid is a premium e-juice manufactured by Ruthless Vapors. Loaded E-Liquid uses the highest quality ingredients, VG, PG and nicotine. Known for maintaining the highest standards of quality and maintaining all other set standards. They are the by-the-book company who make products that are not typical but unique. This is seen in all their products including Cookie Butter. Due to the quality of their products and Its natural feel, it sells out pretty fast in vape shops.

Cookie Butter by Loaded E has a spot-on and incredible taste with a fine cloud / vapor production due to its high VG level. You won’t get easily get tired vaping this all day either. Its nice packaging is just the tip of the iceberg, as this vape juice can take your taste buds to a whole new vaping level.

Along with the Cookie Butter comes another awesome product from Loaded E called Glazed Doughnut. Also, a highly reviewed product with a natural doughnut and jam taste. You can get all these ejuices and others as awesome as these on Vape-Box.com with an ejuice subscription.