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Vaping Review

Delta 11 Live Resin Disposable Vape by Hidden Hills Review

What features do you look for in a vape? For the majority of people, convenience, high performance, and quality are the top features. The Delta 11 live resin disposable vape by Hidden Hills is a best-selling vape that delivers all these features and much more. It has gradually become the go-to choice for cannabinoid enthusiasts looking for a device that provides outstanding performance. This vape is compact, rechargeable, and durable. Below is a deep review of this Hidden Hills vape;

Product description

Vape distillate ingredients

This vape is packed with a myriad of cannabinoids that include live resin delta 11, THC-P, Delta 9 THC, and strain specific terpenes. These compounds work in tandem to provide you with powerful cerebral and physical effects. The effects include euphoria, elevated moods, and total relaxation. Therapeutically, these cannabinoids help with anxiety, depression, pain, and stress. This is the ultimate recreational tool to elevate your days. The strain specific terpenes help determine the flavor and aroma of the vape as well as enhance the effects of the cannabinoids.

Rechargeable battery

The Delta 11 vape contains an integrated, rechargeable battery that delivers powerful, thick clouds up until the vape distillate runs out. The device is rechargeable via a Type C port located at the bottom of the device. It takes roughly an hour for the device to fully charge, allowing you to get back to your vaping session quickly.

Pre-heat function

Say goodbye to clogging by embracing this device with a pre-heat function. Once the device is activated, the vape distillate is heated so that when the device is turned on, vaping becomes a seamless and fun experience.

Viewing window

Keep track of your vape distillate through the viewing window. Most of the vapes in the market lack this feature, meaning that users end up not knowing when the vape distillate is about to run out. The viewing window allows you to make a new order beforehand.

Sleek and compact design

This Hidden Hills vape pen comes in one of the most compact designs ever. The device perfectly fits in the palms of your hands, making it easy to carry around and vape discreetly. If you like to travel a lot, the Hidden Hills Delta 11 disposable vape is your best companion. The vape pen is made using top-quality material to ensure durability and longevity.

Button function

Unfortunately, this device does not utilize the automatic draw activation mechanism. However, it is extremely easy to operate, making it a good choice for novice consumers. This vape is activated by pressing the power button once. To turn the device on or off, simply press the power button 5 times.

Disposable design

The Hidden Hills Delta 11 disposable vape comes in a disposable design, meaning you don’t have to worry about refills or replacements. Simply use the device until the vape distillate runs out, then dispose of it according to local laws.

6 strains

The vape pen comes in 6 strains, Hidden Hills utilizes a proprietary blend of terpenes to create popular strains that include Blueberry Gelato, Gusher Breath, London Shaved Ice, Blackberry Mamba, Candy Cane Runtz, and Rainbow Belts.

Where to purchase the Hidden Hills Delta 11 live resin disposable vape

You can purchase the Hidden Hills Delta 11 disposable vape straight from the Superstrain website at $26.99. This online vape store stocks premium vape products, ranging from disposable vapes to e-liquids, coils, pods, mods, carts, and accessories. Visit the site today for multiple deals and discounts.