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Different Types of Vape Tanks

One of the most important parts of your vape mod is the tank. It contains your atomizer or coil, which is heated by the battery to turn your e-juice into vapor.

There are different types of vape tanks. They may look similar, but each one is unique and functions differently. Let us look at the different types of tanks on the market today.


This is the first tank for most beginners. Cartomizers are usually called “extended atomizers,” although they use fillers or Poly-fil to hold e-juice. There are single coil and dual coil atomizers. The latter means the cartomizer is equipped with two coils to give it a lower resistance and more vapor.

Most cartomizers can hold up to 10drops of e-juice, allowing vapers to enjoy vaping without refilling. Refilling them can be a daunting task as cartomizers need to be tipped at a certain angle to avoid spilling. You can also refill them using a syringe. However, once you used up your Poly-fil, the cartomizer needs to be discarded.

One of the advantages of cartomizers is that they typically come pre-filled. But vaping technology is fast evolving so there are refillable ones today.


This is another common option for newbies because of its ease of use. A clearomizer is a tank made of either plastic or glass. Its top part holds the mouthpiece or drip tip, while the bottom area is where the battery or mod is screwed. The coil and wick can be found on either top or bottom section of the tank.

The most popular type of clearomizer is the CE4 style. Although most CE4 style clearomizers are disposable, they can be refilled with e-juice until the coil and wick deteriorate.

The drawbacks of clearomizers are their small e-liquid capacity, restricted airflow, and limited vapor production. Initially, clearomizers were cheap, but there are some expensive ones around.


Most high-end starter kits now include tanks instead of clearomizers. Tanks are bigger and more complex than clearomizers.

Most tanks have a replaceable coil head, bigger e-liquid capacity, and extra features such as adjustable airflow controls. Most modern tanks are designed for sub ohm vaping, so they work well with coils that have a resistance of less than 1 ohm.

The only drawback of tanks is that some of them are prone to leaking. This can also be caused by uncleaned or damaged O-rings. On the other hand, tanks are more powerful than clearomizers so you can expect better vapor production and flavor quality.

Sub-ohm tanks

These tanks are specially made for using sub ohm coils. This is a good option for vapers who are new to sub ohm vaping but are not ready to build yet. Sub ohm tanks use disposable, pre-made coil heads. Since the introduction of tanks like the Aspire Atlantis and Kanger Subtan, sub-ohm vaping has become more accessible. Here is a list of the best sub ohm tank in 2018.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA)

RDAs are for advanced vapers. You can build your coil when using an RDA. You can also buy pre-built coils and install them. There are different types of RDAs out there.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)

RTAs are similar to RDAs. You can build your coil or use pre-built coils. RTAs utilize a pressurized tank system to deliver e-liquid to your vape coils to produce vapor and flavor.

Older RTAs were not compatible with sub-ohm vaping. But newer ones such as the Kayfun V5 now feature a more open airflow and can handle low-resistance builds.

There are other important components of a vaping device aside from tanks. Head over to The Vape Snob for more information about vaping devices and the best online vape stores.