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Dunk’d Vanilla Cookie Milk Ejuice Review

Vanilla is a classic flavor, we can taste this almost anywhere even without knowing about it. Do you know you can find this in your soft drinks too? As a vape juice, many think this is plain and boring, but mix this with other flavors and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Read my review about Vanilla Cookie Milk by Dunkd below.

“Take a box of your favourite vanilla cookies. Dump that bad boy into a blender. Add half a gallon of milk. Now add two big scoops of ice cream. Blend well. Blend it some more. Repeat. Then strain the crumbs out. What you have left is the delicious sweet essence of this flavour. Or, you can just vape some Dunkd by Missing Link… A sweet, creamy, clean vanilla like no other.”

This flavor truly lives up to its name. Both the inhale and exhale will give you a sweet taste of vanilla cookies ‘dunkd’ in a glass of milk. See what I did there? Expect flavors of vanilla, cookies, and ice cream from this blend. This dessert flavored ejuice gives a rich and creamy vape that will make you crave for more.

I love the sweetness packed in this ejuice. It is not overly, and all the flavors have been perfectly blended together so one does not overpower the other. It is sweet but not to the point where it leaves a scratchy throat feeling or nose tingling sensation. The throat hit is mild and just enough to let you know it exists. I have to praise its smooth, creamy, warm, and rich flavor that is truly enjoyable.

Vanilla Cookie Milk by Dunkd is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Clouds are nice and dense, and they do not disappear immediately. The scent is just so pleasing to the nostrils as well. By the smell alone, you will already know that this is rich and creamy.

There are three nicotine concentration levels available for Vanilla Cookie Milk. It comes in 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg of nicotine. The 3 mg level is the lightest level offered and is now called the last level in ‘stepping’ (or quitting cigarette smoking). The 6 mg level is for people who enjoy the smallest possible nicotine level while still enjoying a full e-liquid taste. The 12 mg level is dubbed as the middle of the road in terms of nicotine. Usually, this level is preferred by former smokers as this delivers the perfect amount of nicotine on each vape.

Keep in mind that it is important for those who are making a transition to pick the right nicotine concentration for two reasons. First, smoking to compensation. Choosing a lighter replacement than your original tobacco based product will usually result in compensation smoking as your body becomes used to having a certain amount of nicotine in it. Second, too much throat hit. If you are used to light tobacco based cigarette and you pick a full strength e-liquid, your body will be overloaded with more nicotine than it can bear. Thus, the throat hit can be too intense for you.

When it comes to presentation, Dunkd gives us some dainty looking bottles. The box and the bottle come with the same print. Vanilla Cookie Milk comes in a clear bottle equipped with a child-resistant dropper cap. The label is pretty visible and looks so nice. It displays the brand name, flavor name, size, and nicotine strength. You will also see an image of a cookie dunked in milk. Just by looking at it, you will already know what to expect.

Dunkd Vanilla Cookie Milk is available in New Zealand Ecigstore for as low as NZD $36.99 (60 mL). I would definitely recommend this flavor especially for those who are into dessert flavored vapes. This is one of those sweet ejuices that won’t easily tire you. All-day vape? Why not?! This will definitely rock your taste buds!

Here’s a little overview of the eliquid maker. Dunkd is dubbed as the breakfast of champions. It has a few flavors on its lineup, and they are all equally tasty and to die for. Need a morning kick starter? It has a frosted doughnut dipped into a dark roast coffee ejuice flavor. Craving for desserts? Vanilla Cookie Milk and Strawberry Cookie Milk are up for grabs too. Buy online to snatch some delightful e-liquid deals.