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eLiquid Review Unicorn Treats

How charming is this vape juice’s name? Without a doubt, this e-juice flavor associates well with its name. I tell you,  Unicorn Treats is such a treat to use; very smooth and has good vapor production. Don’t let me get started on the taste. It will take you to that special memory of good old days eating Lucky Charms breakfast cereal where there is no other worry but deciding which cartoon channel to watch.


A childhood cereal that is sure to make you reminisce. You’re welcome!




  • Natural & Art Flavoring
  • USP Propylene Glycol
  • USP Vegetable Glycerine
  • USP NicSelect Nicotine (available in 0, 3, and 6 mg)

Vape Company

Humble Juice Co – They are based in the USA and has been in the vaping industry for several years now. The company has already carved a good name in the vaping market for their premium and delightful flavors and realistic prices. Their range of juices extends from icy menthol, to pastry, fruity, and gourmet goodness. What sets them apart is their good value for money pricing. I believe it’s one of their edges over other companies. I can’t  believe that they cater to free shipping when you order online via their website.  It doesn’t end there. They have fast and efficient shipping services to boot. Humble Juice’s tagline is Stay Humble. I like how they hit two birds with one stone with that two-word tagline. I find it so catchy and witty. They sure have a great marketing team behind the brand. Aside from their excellent service offline and online, their selection of great vape liquid is what makes their company shine. I’m one of their satisfied and happy buyers; I will definitely repurchase.


Unicorn Treats is priced at $24.99 only. What a steal!


The overall look of this e-liquid is very basic and simple. Just like those typical products packaged in a bottle, it comes with a label complete with the company’s name and flavor. On the other side, you can see the warning labels mandated by the government. The bottle is made of plastic and because it’s clear, you can see the liquid’s consistency and color. This e-juice has a high VG percentage, so it is naturally thicker than most liquids. Its color has an orange tint to it but generally looks colorless. I like how the logo is a mint colored font; it’s my favorite.

Flavor & Taste Review

You’re in for a treat with Unicorn Treats. Its taste is outstanding; not too sweet and not too bland. The blend is just right. The description says it’s more on the cereal side. I agree and would like to add more. As I inhale, the first pop of flavor is undeniably cereal. As you continue the process, there is an explosion of marshmallow goodness. No wonder why they name this after unicorns. It tastes magical. It is so smooth especially when you get to savor the milky flavor towards the finish. Everything perfectly fits my taste buds. I would say this reminds me so much of the Lucky Charms cereal way back. I would rate this e-juice 9 out of 10. This is a quite a charm and consider this my go to vape liquid.

Vapor Production

I must say I found another ADV for me. Once I opened the bottle, it smells light and sweet. Unicorn Treats is so smooth on the throat, but with the 3 mg nicotine addition, a little punch on the throat made my vaping experience better. I like mine with a slight TH and huge rips of VP. With this e-juice, I’m able to feed my cloud-chasing fantasy. I can belt out big thick clouds that stay up longer. It is a joy for me to vape Unicorn Treats. I like it so much like a little girl loves a lollipop. This is my version of candy in the vaping world. Once I start popping on this flavor, I find it hard it stop. With this as my new  ADV, I’m pretty sure I’ll chain vape like crazy.