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Innokin iTaste Kroma Vape System Kit Review

Looking for a sporty-looking, eye-catching mod that you could easily slip insider your pocket without looking all-so bulky? The Innokin iTaste Kroma Kit could be the perfect mate for you!

The mod’s body is made from a light-weight alloy material paired with a knurled plastic grip section to cover the rear part of the device. The Innokin Kroma kit has variable wattage and temperature control with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. For sub-ohm vaping, the 0.8 ohm Kanthal coil from the starter kit could be used, while the 0.5 ohm stainless steel coil for temperature control.

The kit is powered by a built-in 2,000-mAh battery and is run by the new Aethon chipset. The chipset boasts of a precise temperature control feature, committing to no dry hits and a very quick fire time of at least 0.2 seconds. The chip also helps on ensuring that the coil heads are evenly heated, disperse the heat, and prevent hot spots in the coils to ensure a better vaping experience and longer coil life. It also features a noise cancellation on the power output.

Aside from the variable wattage, this mod also allows you to set up a ramp up temperature, a trending feature to ensure mods can deliver stronger hits. Overall, the chip sees to it that you get a very smooth, reliable, and consistent vaping experience.

The Innokin iTaste Kroma Vape System could reach between 6 watts and 75 watts. Temperature control option is between 150oC (300oF) and 315oC (600oF). It has an “inset” 510, which is designed to work with the SlipStream tank that is included in the kit. The SlipStream sub-ohm tank inserts deeply from the mod. This sub-ohm tank provides lower profile when attached to the mod’s body. This is done to ensure that the overall size of the mod is compact and still looks presentable for vaping. However, you are still free to use your tank of choice as you will receive a 510 atomizer adapter to allow you to offset the inset and install any 510 atomizer you want as long as it is compatible with Kroma.

Meanwhile, the SlipStream sub-ohm tank included in the kit holds 2-ml of juice. It has an easy, top-fill design with a child lock safety feature. It also has a dual adjustable airflow ring found at the top part of the tank.

The mod is very durable with an ergonomic grip that is not only smooth to touch but also looks good. Its fire button is large enough and is rightfully placed on the contours that fit in your hand. The fire button also serves as the internal battery power level (a green light means the battery is fully charged, yellow for half power, and red for low power or charging required). It also has up and down buttons located at the bottom part of the device, just above the USB charging port. It showcases an OLED screen found on the side. It is very clear and fonts are readable even though it is tinted. Here you will find relevant information related to coil ohms, wattage and temperature settings, battery level, and puff duration. Of note, the puff duration of the Kroma has been set by default to a maximum of 15 seconds. After this, the mod will cut out, and this is non-adjustable. It is also very user-friendly. Instead of clicking the power button five times to turn the mod on, the Kroma only needs three clicks to switch the device on or off.

A device that is aesthetically pleasing and not gaudy deserves a good e-liquid to pair with. Black Note, which is famous for bringing out bold notes of premium tobacco flavor and minor notes that influence the overall aroma and flavor, is the perfect combo for this device. The brand has six delicious flavors to offer including Prelude, Quartet, Sonata, Forte, Legato, and Solo. All these are available at Caktus Vape for only AUD $34.95 (30 mL).

You could get the Innokin iTaste Kroma Kit for as low as AUD $64.95 at https://caktusvape.com. Colors available for the mod red, black, and white. Items included in the box are an iTaste Kroma 75 watt mod, a Slipstream tank, a Slipstream tank coil, a USB cable, and a user manual.