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Kilo E-Liquid Cereal Milk Vape Juice Review

Today, we are going to review the talk-of-the-town Cereal Milk vape juice by Kilo E-Liquid. You may have already deduced from its name that Cereal Milk is milk poured into a bowl of cereal. Yes, it is that literal!

“The perfect blend of fruity cereal and milky cream. The nostalgic flavor is reminiscent of the milk after you’ve finished a bowl of your favorite cereal.”

First off, this e-juice is cereal and milk in vape form. It has a light, cereal flavor submerged in a bowl of sweet and creamy milk. On the inhale, this vape juice gives off a sweet milk taste that will bring a smile to your face. Then, on the exhale, major notes of fruity cereal mixes such as lemon, grape, and strawberry flavor appear to make up the ultimate breakfast flavor.

Others may not like the fruity flavor as these citrus and curd flavors present are not mentioned in the flavor profile. They can be distinct at times so it is best if you take note of this especially if you are not a fan. Other than that, this e-juice from Kilo is refreshing and satisfying.

Cereal Milk is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. It is ideal for most vape enthusiasts who love to chase clouds and flavor. Speaking of clouds, this machine can produce immensely large and dense clouds that do not disperse right away. And hey! Expect a sweet milk-scented room, by the way.

The vape juice has a smooth and subtle throat hit that is pleasantly mild. By far, there were no burning or charring sensations that usually cause throat irritations. No nose tingling sensations or fits of coughing or spluttering too. To get the best results, you can use either a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer to vape this e-liquid.

Cereal Milk by Kilo E-Liquid comes with different nicotine strength levels. You can buy it with 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg or 18 mg of nicotine. For newbies, here is a quick guide to picking your own nicotine levels. The 0 mg is ideal for those who enjoy little to no nicotine. The 3 mg level suits drippers who are using RDAs or more advanced sub-ohm tank systems. The 6 mg level is for current moderate or light smokers. It is also recommended for vapers who use a tank device or an atomizer. The 12 mg is best for vapers who are heavy cigarette smokers (up to 30 cigarette sticks per day) or smokers of unfiltered cigarettes. Lastly, in terms of nicotine use, the 18 mg is the middle of the road. This is mostly enjoyed by former heavy cigarette smokers as it can deliver just the right amount of nicotine.

It is important to note that finding the right nicotine level is very important in vaping. You can’t just hop into a store and pick whatever you want. The process may entail trial and error, but trust me, this is all worth it in the end. Remember, nicotine level can even make or break your vaping experience.

Cereal Milk comes in a glass bottle with a child-resistant dropper cap. Wrapped around the e-liquid is a brown-colored label. This bears relevant product information including the brand name, flavor name, size, and nicotine level.

Cereal Milk by Kilo E-Liquid is available in four different sizes – 15 mL, 30 mL, 60 mL, and 120 mL. You know an e-liquid is good enough when you need to sign up for restock notification. So, grab a bottle or two now before it all sells out. A 60-mL bottle of Butterscotch costs $19.99, while the 120-mL only $29.99. All bottle sizes and nicotine strength levels are available at ejuices.com.

Kilo E-Liquid is a household name in the vaping industry. It is known for its passion, creativity, and patience in crafting the finest quality e-juices seen in the market today. This company has released several collections including the Black Series, White Series, and Bazooka Sour Straws.

Overall, Cereal Milk is highly recommended for those who have sweet tooth and fruit lovers. The taste is pretty unique, and this would make a nice all-day vape. Happy vaping, people!