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Kryp E-Liquid By Cosmic Fog Vapors Review

Kryp, the name of this Cosmic Fog Vapors premium e-liquid is as fascinating as its taste. Kryp was named after Kryptonite from the popular Superman stories. This premium Cosmic Fog Vapors e-liquid is a fine mix of some of the most beloved candy flavors and the uniquely refreshing taste of cantaloupe. There is also the presence of watermelon flavors in Kryp. Regardless of how you feel about Superman, there is a high probability that you will enjoy vaping Kryp. If sweet and juicy flavors are your thing, then you should give Kryp a try. US based e-liquid manufacturer Cosmic Fog Vapors has made a name for themselves in the fast paced vaping industry for creating very high-quality e-liquids. Cosmic Fog Vapors are said to spend an average of 7 to 10 months testing their flavors before they are released. These extensive tests are carried out to ensure that vapers get only the best e-liquids. Kryp might be Clark Kent’s worst e-juice nightmare. However, this e-liquid is one of those that can make your all day vaping list.

Kryp (formerly known as Kryptonite) has a very cool and mellow feel on the inhale. The flavors of the melons and candy blend nicely with Kryp’s cool menthol inhale. It is important to note that the taste of the melon is rather subtle on the inhale. However, on the exhale, Kryp has a fresh taste which is very similar to the candy Parma Violets. And you can taste a sweet flavor just before you exhale this e-juice. Kryp by Cosmic Fog Vapors has a very memorable after taste. If you enjoy Parma Violets, then you surely won’t be disappointed when you vape Kryp.

Kryp by Cosmic Fog Vapors contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30 percent. This premium e-liquid is made with USP Kosher VG and PG. Kryp, like other Cosmic Fog Vapors e-liquids, is made with both natural and artificial flavors. USP Nicotine is also used in the production of this premium e-juice. Kryp would work well on both a rebuildable atomizer (RDA) as well as on a sub ohm tank.

Kryp’s max VG content also makes this e-liquid produces very satisfying clouds. And like other Cosmic Fog Vapors e-liquid lines, Kryp produces very dense clouds that should please even the most strict cloud chaser. Kryp’s high VG content also makes it have a very smooth and subtle throat hit. If you don’t mind vaping delicious tasting e-liquids with moderate throat hits, then you should try Kryp. This premium e-liquid has different nicotine strength levels. These nicotine levels range from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and finally 12mg.

After taking hits from Kryp, it becomes apparent why e-liquids produced by Cosmic Fog Vapors have the reputation they do in the vaping industry. Cosmic Fog Vapors craft their unique e-liquid flavors and lines with culinary expertise. The e-liquid manufacturer based in Orange Country, California has earned a reputation for churning out high-quality e-liquids. Cosmic Fog Vapors have a policy of thoroughly testing their e-liquids to be sure it is of the highest quality before it is released. The other popular Cosmic Fog Vapors e-liquid lines include brands like Lost Fog and Liquid State.

Kryp by Cosmic Fog Vapors comes in different bottle sizes which range from 30ml to 60ml. These glass bottles which holds Kryp come with child resistant dropper caps.

A 60ml bottle of Cosmic Fog’s Kryp premium e-liquid can be purchased at vapefu.com for just $21.95.