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Mankind Graham Bell E-liquid Review

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Graham Bell by Mankind is one of the best e-juices available at Vape Mall. It has the real flavor of graham crackers with a cream base and a hint of bourbon. This flavor is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

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Flavor Description

Once you open a bottle of Graham Bell e-liquid by Mankind, you can right away smell the sweet scent of graham crackers with a cream base. You will also smell bourbon and this sure is going to make your mouth water. When you inhale the vapor from this juice, you can taste the real flavor of graham crackers with a cream base. As the flavor seeps into your mouth, you can taste the bourbon in the juice. This is one vape juice that is worth a try. You want to keep coming back for more of this e-liquid because its sweetness is just right. There is no chemical aftertaste. This e-liquid is made from exquisite ingredients and this is evident in the taste. You will not get thirsty after an exhale nor will your mouth get dry from this juice. You may find other products out there with a similar flavor but Graham Bell is simply one of the best out on the market today. You can purchase this one as vapor juice wholesale.

Nicotine Strength

You get to choose from three nicotine strengths of Graham Bell. These choices are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations.


Graham Bell e-liquid has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol of 80/20. There are no issues vaping or dripping since the juice has a medium level of thickness to it.

Throat Hit

You get a mild throat hit from Graham Bell e-liquid by Mankind. The sensation that travels in your throat does not hurt at all.

Vapor Production

Thick clouds are produced by Graham Bell e-juice. These clouds are so impressively thick and they do not disappear right away. There is a sweet scent of graham crackers and bourbon coming from the e-liquid which is pleasant to your nose.


Once you see a bottle of Graham Bell, you will see that it has been presented well. The bottle is black and has a gold print on it. The company logo is clearly and neatly printed on the bottle. You can see that the information about the product is clearly printed on the bottle also. Graham Bell’s bottle has a dripper style cap. You will notice how this cap is tightly locked in place that there will not be any issues spilling the contents.


You right away can smell the sweet scent of graham crackers with a hint of bourbon once you open a bottle of Graham Bell. Your mouth will water right away and all you want to do is indulge in its rich flavor. When you inhale the vapor from this e-juice, you can taste right away the real flavor of graham cracker with a cream base. As the flavor stays in your mouth you gradually can taste the bourbon in it. This is one refreshing e-juice. The sweetness coming from this vape juice is just right that you will not get tired of it.

The cloud production is so impressive. These clouds linger longer in the air. You also will feel that the e-juice gives out a mild throat hit. Once the vapor is inhaled, you will feel a sensation in your throat that is not irritating at all. What’s great is, you have three choices for its nicotine level. You can choose from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths. This is one e-liquid that you want to have every day. The cool thing is you are able to purchase this product through e-juice wholesale Canada. You just have to visit Vape Mall’s website.