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Ovale eCab Electronic Cigarette Review

Ovale eCab Appearance

The Ovale eCab is truly one of the classiest looking electronic cigarettes made. Only slightly larger than a standard size Joye 510 e-cigarette, the silver e-cigarette is accented in several places with gold and its button is recessed, giving it a very sleek appearance. Not much more can be said other than it is an e-cigarette you would be proud to show off anywhere.

The Ovale eCab Battery

First of all, I was more than pleasantly surprised by the battery life. I had seen another person’s review that said the batteries lasted almost four hours but that’s not even close to correct.

The only thing I can guess is that he was reviewing another manufacturer’s eCab and not an Ovale eCab (maybe it was one of the Joyetech knockoff ones) or that he never comes up for oxygen.

I consider myself a moderately heavy vaper – my e-cig never leaves my hand. Back in the days when I used a Joye 510, I got two hours at most out of the battery before it needed a recharge.

With the 350 mAh eCab batteries, I am getting between 6 and 7 hours per battery before it needs to be recharged. That’s pretty impressive for an electronic cigarette that isn’t a heck of a lot bigger than a 510!

The other plus is that the Ovale eCab charger can charge two batteries simultaneously and it only takes two hours to charge both batteries. The only slightly tricky part was figuring out how to get the cap off of the battery holder tube.

Although it looks like it might be more complicated than this, you can simply grab it with your thumb and forefinger and pull it off (although it’s a bit easier to do if you give it a quarter of a turn before pulling it off).

Make sure the little raised nubs click into place when you replace the cap, though, or you could be chasing the cap and battery around the floor when they fall off.

The Ovale eCab Atomizer

Those who are familiar with an eGo-C will be accustomed to the Type-A atomizer heads that the Ovale eCab uses. It’s no wonder; Ovale invented the eGo-C, too (nope, it wasn’t Joyetech for that, either).

The tiny little atomizer head sits on top of the battery and is held in place by a “cone” cover (it’s really a tube, in this case). The other end of the metal tube attaches to the Ovale eCab tank cartridge (more on that in a sec).

The standard atomizer heads are 2.2 ohms and put out as much or more vapor than a standard 510 atomizer does. It is also much easier than a 510 atomizer to maintain.

For more and even warmer vapor, you can also use special 1.8-ohm Type-A low resistance atomizers with the eCab (sold separately) but those will certainly cut down on the battery life.

All in all, it has shockingly good vapor – especially considering it is such a small electronic cigarette. It’s easily just as good as the much bigger Joye eGo or any of the other larger models that we sell.

The Ovale eCab Tank Cartridge

Although they are made at the same factory, I honestly think that the Ovale eCab has a better battery AND a better atomizer than the Joyetech eCab clones do. Where Ovale really separates themselves from the rest is with their tank cartridges.

There is a lot of talk about Joyetech eCab cartridges leaking. Maybe the quality control demanded by Ovale is more strict. They are exclusive to Ovale and are the only tanks I have ever used that did not leak, did not spit e-juice into my mouth and actually allowed me to taste the e-liquid without burning it or robbing it of its flavor. Finally, a tank that actually works correctly!

The tank cartridges are flat tipped and hold exactly 1.5ml (30 drops) of e-liquid. They can be filled easily with a “needle tip” bottle or you can also pop off the cap and fill them with a regular dropper e-juice bottle.

The cap isn’t the easiest thing to remove. You need to hook a thumbnail under the flat side of the part that connects to the atomizer and give it a good tug. Make sure you put it back on flush or you WILL actually have a leaking problem!

The kits do come with three rubber “sure seal” caps that you can use in place of the hard caps that are on the tank cartridges.

They not only are much easier to pull off and push on, but they create a much better seal to prevent leakage. Be careful when you are removing them, though. If you are too aggressive, you can rip the cap, rendering it useless.


The Ovale eCab is one surprisingly great electronic cigarette. It performs as good or better than e-cigarettes that are twice its size and certainly is better looking than the bigger models.

Although the eCab batteries don’t last as long as eGo batteries do, they last much longer than you think they would. The two batteries should easily get you through even a long work day.

I would certainly consider adding the Ovale eCab to your electronic cigarette collection. In fact, I don’t see any reason to go back to my eGo or Evolution-X. The eCab cranks out vapor and looks sharp. What more can you ask for in an e-cig?