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Review of Good n’ Evil Kiwi Strawberry E-Juice

Kiwi Strawberry by Good n’ Evil is one of the best e-juices that you can find on the market today and is readily available online from Stricty Juice. A sweet and delicious combination of kiwi and juicy strawberry is what awaits you.

The best e-juice for summer or any season for that matter for its delicious and refreshing taste. This e-juice has a unique blend of absolutely delicious strawberry and the luscious juicy flavor of kiwi. It will surely satisfy your taste buds and brighten your day. Upon inhale, you will taste the tangy kiwi taste and experience¬†the sweetness of juicy strawberry when exhaling. It will leave a mildly sweet taste on the exhale but will not linger long and it does not have a strong aftertaste or bitterness at all. I can enjoy this as my everyday vape and surely can’t resist this wonderful and refreshing e-juice flavor.

As for the sensation of the throat, this e-juice gives a moderate throat hit. There is little sensation while the vapor travels to my throat but it is not a bad sensation. Another thing I like is that this e-juice did not give me a thirsty feeling or leave any dryness of the mouth or throat after vaping. Good n’ Evil was able to seize the clean flavor of kiwi and strawberry with this e-juice. The sweetness and juiciness really make you feel like you have the real fruit in your mouth. This is surely satisfying and irresistible. It has nice smooth fruity flavor and does not leave any strong aftertaste.

This e-juice has VG/PG ratio of 80/20 and it does produce more intense flavor than throat hit. With regards to vapor production, Good n’ Evil has an impressive cloud production. A lot of vapor is just so satisfying, and blowing huge vapors with this e-juice is definitely cool. The scent of the cloud has a pleasant smell with the sweetness of strawberry and a hint of a juicy kiwi. I just love how the scent stays even after the cloud disappear. Whether you’re a newbie or a cloud chaser, this e-juice is definitely for you.

This e-juice comes in three nicotine strengths, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The higher the nicotine level, the stronger the throat hit. Heavy smokers might opt to choose higher nicotine contents as there is more throat sensation which can be more fulfilling to them. However, if you are simply looking for a well-flavored e-juice, or you’re more focused on discovering new flavors, you may choose lower levels of nicotine or even choose the 0mg.

This e-juice comes in an eye-catching package. Good n’ Evil has a nice edgy logo, with its flavor clearly printed in front along with the nicotine level and the bottle capacity. A dropper style cover is included to help you fill in your tanks easily. It is spill proof so you never have to worry about leaks or spillage.


Exploring new and different flavors of e-juice is what keeping vapers interested. This flavorful e-juice is available online at Strictly Juice. They also offer a wide variety of flavors to choose from. E-juices that definitely worth what you will pay for them. This e-juice comes in 60 ml bottles at a budget friendly price of $18.99. Buy one now and have a wonderful vaping experience.

Overall, the actual flavor of fresh kiwis and the sweetness of juicy strawberries is what this e-juice all about. Good n’ Evil is really straightforward with the flavor and surely provides us with a nice and clean flavor with this Kiwi Strawberry e-juice; a good e-juice for newbies and those who focus more on the flavor than nicotine content. No strong or weird sensation on the throat nor too much aftertaste. The smell has the right sweetness which is not irritating to the nose. It is also ideal for drippers and cloud chasers alike. The wonderful flavor, fast delivery, and enjoyable vaping experience are worth a thumbs up.