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Review of Top 5 Glass Bongs Under $50

So you want a bong, and you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on it. Well, the good news is that you can get some really good bongs at a low price. There is a misconception that low priced bongs are not of high quality.  But you will find many cheap bongs for sale which are comparable to expensive ones.  Whether you want a large bong or a small pipe, it is almost guaranteed that there is a product out there for you. The following are five of the best glass bongs that cost less than $50.

HaSmoke Mini Cheech Glass Bong

This product is more of a bubbler than a bong. It comes in colored glass and has a percolator to filter and cool smoke as it passes through it. This Cheech Honey Cup glass bong uses an oil rig and comes with a recycler. You are guaranteed of cool hits from its vaping and cooling system. It is 18cm tall and has 14mm joints. This small glass bubbler has a bent neck and a flared mouth. You can get it for just $35.99 from the HaSmoke store or other online shops that have glass bongs for sale online.

HaSmoke ROOR Glass Bong

Okay, so this bong is over $50 since it costs $50.99. But we had to include it in this list since for just a price difference of $0.99 you could get a 17 inch tall, thick glass bong with three honeycomb percolators. This bong is highly rated by virtually everyone who has used it. It has a straight glass tube design with a flared mouthpiece. It comes with an 18mm funnel bowl and 18mm dewar’s joint to prevent breakage. It also has an ice catcher. You can get his glass bong from the HaSmoke web store.

HaSmoke Straight Glass Bong With Multiple Percs

This 19 inches tall glass bong comes with a straight design and is made of clear glass. It has a flared mouthpiece and dewar’s joints. The outstanding feature of this bong is that it comes with multiple percolators. There is a stereo matrix percolator at the base with triple honeycomb percolators in the middle and a tree percolator at the top. To top it all, it also comes with an ice catcher. This setup is bound to make this glass bong your favorite. You glass bong is currently available on the HaSmoke web store for only $45.99.

HaSmoke TORO Glass Bong With Double Tree Arm Perc 

The TORO bong is made of thick glass with a height of 10 inches tall and a weight of 590g. It comes with double tree arm percolators and functions incredibly well. It’s designed with 18mm joints that are not going to break off. You’re guaranteed of smooth hits from this glass bong. It is not only made of super thick glass and functions well, but this glass bong is also quite cheap. You can get it for only $45.99 from the HaSmoke web store and some other online shops. The package includes a nice flower bowl.

HaSmoke Klein Glass Bong With Diffused Perc

This HaSmoke bong is made of Klein glass and comes with a straight or downstem percolator. It is made of dense glass with its joints 14.4mm thick. It comes with a flower bowl and a recycler oil rig. The bong has a slightly curved neck with a flared mouthpiece. You can get this glass bong for $45.99 from the HaSmoke web store. Overall, this is a great mini rig.
There are many other cheap and high-quality glass pipes on the market.