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SMOK Winder 1,300 mAh Variable Voltage Battery Review

Product Snapshot

Thread Type:510 inner threads | eGo outer threads
Capacity: 1,300 mAh
Voltage: Variable 3.2 V – 4.8 V
Length: 111 mm
Diameter: 17 mm
Color: 8 colors

We’ve tried them all – eGo Twists, Vision Spinners and a host of off-brand variable voltage batteries. They all work but we selected the SMOK Winder as the best of the bunch for a few reasons:

  • The 1,300 mAh capacity of the Winder battery is fantastic and is the largest eGo style variable voltage battery of them all, meaning more vape time before it needs to be recharged.
  • The SMOK Winder 1,300 mAh Variable Voltage eGo Battery seemed more solidly built and we had fewer problem batteries.
  • The Winder V.V. had an easier to turn adjustment knob without being too easy to turn (when it’s too easy, batteries start self-adjusting in your pocket).
  • SMOK Winder batteries have a high gloss, protective clear-coat finish on them which means they won’t become scuffed up and unreadable nearly as fast as other V.V. batteries. Plus, the glossy finish just looks cooler!

If you are looking for a battery that you can adjust the voltage with but don’t want to spend a ton of money, this is the e-cigarette battery you want.Our Discount SMOK Winder 1,300 mAh Variable Voltage eGo Battery is much more affordable than battery tube mods.


And, even though it is the biggest eGo style mAh battery of the bunch, it really isn’t much larger than a 1,100 mAh eGo Twist battery.

SMOK Winder 1,300 mAh Variable Voltage eGo Batteries are roughly the same length and only slightly thicker in diameter.Compared to battery tubes that do essentially the same thing (i.e. let you adjust the voltage), SMOK Winder batteries are tiny!

Like everything else sold at E-Cig Express, our Winder batteries ship via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery) and, if your order totals more than $75, they ship for free!

SMOK Winder Battery Warranty

Our SMOK Winder 1,300 mAh Variable Voltage eGo Battery features a 28-day warranty against manufacturer defects from the date of receipt to accept a charge and to power atomizers/coils. It DOES NOT cover a gradual decrease in the amount of life between charges.