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Stop Leaving Comments On Anti-Electronic Cigarette Articles

Anyone who follows this industry as closely as I do can tell you that not a single day goes by that doesn’t have an anti-electronic cigarette article or two published somewhere.

Most of the time, these propaganda pieces are written by plants from the pharmaceutical or tobacco industries and their only purpose is to spread the same misinformation we have all read a thousand times already (they found carcinogens in one, they are laced with antifreeze, they can explode, a number of unknown toxins are contained in them, they are being marketed to children, etc.).

Also, as sure as clockwork, there will be dozens of users of electronic cigarettes fuming about the inaccuracies in these articles via the comments section. You will never see anyone jumping in to support these propagandists, either.

Folks, you need to get two things straight:

  1. You are not going to make the author suddenly see the light of day. The author is just a shill for Big Pharma or Big Tobacco and their job is to get the lies published and ranking high in the search engines. You will never see the author even respond to comments.
  2. The more comments there are, the more relevant the article is seen to be by the search engines. Every comment made, regardless of what it is, drives that article higher and higher in the search rankings.

The author and his/her backers want to stir up controversy; they want every person they can possibly get to leave a nasty comment and hopefully, tell their friends about the article, too.

They know that very few people read the comments below an article and once it climbs high enough in the search engines, they can edit or delete the negative comments and replace them with their own planted comments that support the author.

If you really want to help the e-cig movement, start commenting on the pro-electronic cigarette articles. Find blogs that support e-cigs and comment on their articles every opportunity you get.

It really doesn’t matter what you say. And please, share positive e-cigarette articles with as many people as you can and ask them to leave comments on the articles, too.

This will drive the positive articles about electronic cigarettes higher in the search engines and if nobody is commenting on the negative ones, they’ll never see the light of day!