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The Philosophers Stone Metamorphosis Premium E-liquid Review

Metamorphosis by TPS Vapor is an e-liquid that has the flavor of sweet strawberry yogurt and a hint of whipped cream. I recommend this to any vaper who enjoys strawberry or yogurt flavored juices. The overall taste of Metamorphosis isn’t overpowering at all, allowing this to be a decadent all day vape. TPS Vapor has another strawberry vape juice. If you like this one I would recommend you also try Immortality.

Metamorphosis has the taste components of delicious strawberry yogurt e-liquid. Metamorphosis is surprisingly close to the actual red, seeded fruit. The sweetness level is marvelous and truly reminds me of the crazy colored yogurts I had as a kid. Both the strawberry and whipped cream blend perfectly together. On the inhale, you’re presented with that sweet strawberry taste. The exhale provides the smooth yogurt flavor on your palette. While I couldn’t easily differentiate between the yogurt and whipped cream, everything paired elegantly. Metamorphosis is an unforgettable juice that will linger on your taste buds.


TPS Vapor allows you to customize your e-juice in a few ways. One option is selecting your VG/PG ratio. PG (propylene glycol) is a tasteless and clear substance, mostly known to provide a throat hit. Higher PG levels allow stronger flavor while producing a lower cloud production. VG (vegetable glycerin) provides a sweet taste and is comparably thicker than PG. Having a higher VG ratio heightens vapor production at the cost of flavor and throat hit. This brand currently offers two VG/PG ratios for their products. You can select Metamorphosis and all premium e-liquids by TPS Vapor in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine with maximum VG. This manufacturer has created a maximum VG ratio without affecting the full-bodied flavor of their vape products. You can also purchase Metamorphosis in 60/40 VG/PG ratio that has a 12mg nicotine concentration. With such high nicotine strength, I recommend this 60/40 VG/PG juice to previous smokers and vapers desiring a throat hit with more intensity.


Another way to make this juice uniquely yours is by choosing your preferred nicotine strength. Metamorphosis is available in four levels; 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg. This e-liquid is thick, yet it’s perfect for dripping on your RDA or effortlessly filling up your tank. No more burnt cotton or clogged coils with this premium product by TPS Vapor.

This company uses a visually refreshing design that is unlike others on the market. The juice arrives in a lovely sapphire glass bottle with a separate white dropper that is child-resistant. This bottle is virtually tamper-proof. The neck of each and every bottle is hand dipped in white wax and has nylon tear tape, fully ensuring that you will be the first one to open your juice. All TPS Vapor vape juices have a label on them with the brand’s name and logo, which I find to look quite magical. These labels are very informative, stating flavor profile and nicotine levels. I thought this was very cool and interesting since this isn’t seen very often on prices by other companies.


TPS Vapor is a vape juice manufacturer based out of New London, Wisconsin. The Philosopher’s Stone, better known as TPS, is a brand that currently makes five premium e-liquid flavors. Priding itself on the most high-quality ingredients, each hand-crafted product is small batch and steeped for a minimum of thirty days. If you’re new to vaping and you’re interested in a slew of flavors, you can purchase a sample pack which includes Metamorphosis and the four other juices in the collection for the great price of $70. A single juice from TPS Vapor can be purchased in the sizes 35ml, 64ml, and 120ml; which costs $18, $30, and $50 respectively.  I would suggest you’re careful when using the dropper for the first time, as these bottles are filled to the brim with delightful product.