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Unicorn Treats E-liquid by Humble Juice Co. Review

Unicorn Treats by Humble Juice Co. is a delicate and delicious e-liquid blend. The taste and aroma of this e-liquid will surely make your taste buds water. You will be more inclined to enjoy vaping Unicorn Treats if you love cereal flavored e-liquids. However, if you do not like vaping cereal flavored e-liquids, then, you may not enjoy the overall taste of Unicorn Treats. Unicorn Treats is a one-of-a-kind cereal flavored e-juice blend. The taste and aroma of Unicorn Treats is bound to make you reminisce. This premium e-juice has a pleasant taste and aroma that brings back childhood memories of delicious homemade cereal treats. The cereal flavor in Unicorn Treats has a rich spot-on taste. Unlike many cereal flavored e-liquid blends on the market, Unicorn Treats does not have an artificial taste. Vapers who love cereal-based e-liquids can undoubtedly vape Unicorn Treats all day long without getting bored of its taste.

Unicorn Treats is manufactured in the United States by Humble Juice Co. The vaping company has a history of producing high-quality vape juice blends. Humble Juice Co. uses only high-quality ingredients in the manufacturing of all its e-liquids. Humble Juice Co. uses premium natural & artificial flavoring in producing its e-liquids. This company also uses USP NicSelect Nicotine in the production of its e-liquids. USP propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerine are also used in all Humble Juice Co. e-liquid blends. This vaping company has several tasty e-liquid lines available on the market. Unicorn Treats is a part of the Humble Juice line.

Unicorn Treats e-liquid has a pure taste and aroma that draws you in. As soon as you take a hit of Unicorn Treats, you can taste the sweet crispness of the cereal flavor. This premium e-juice tastes just like eating a bowl of delicious Rice Krispies Treats. The sweet taste and aroma you get from vaping Unicorn Treats last throughout the inhale and exhale. Unicorn Treats has a pleasant and long-lasing aftertaste.

Unicorn Treats e-liquid by Humble Juice Co. contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 80/20 percent. Thanks to its max VG and reduced PG content, Unicorn Treats has a thick and smooth texture. You can vape Unicorn Treats e-liquid using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). You can also vape Unicorn Treats with a sub ohm tank. Unicorn Treats e-liquid produces thick clouds of vapor. Unicorn Treats-liquid has a pleasant aroma.

Unicorn Treats e-liquid by Humble Co. comes with different nicotine strength levels. Unicorn Treats e-liquid comes with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. The kind of throat hit you get from vaping Unicorn Treats e-liquid will be determined by the nicotine strength level that you choose. Unicorn Treats is not one of those e-liquids that leaves your throat in bad condition after vaping it. It would interest you to know that Unicorn Treats e-liquid has a smooth and almost subtle throat hit.

You can purchase a bottle of Unicorn Treats e-liquid by Humble Juice Co. from the nearest vape shop you can find. You can also purchase a 120ml bottle of Unicorn Treats e-liquid directly from the Humble Juice Co. online store for just $24.99. You can also purchase other e-juice flavors in the via the Humble Juice Co. shop. Humble Juice Co. also has a buy one get one free promotion. As a result of the ongoing Humble BOGO e-liquid promotion, you get an extra e-liquid for every one bottle of Unicorn Treats that you buy. High-quality vaping products like tanks can also be bought from the Humble Juice Co. online store.