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Vapo Maxx by VaporTech - A Small Yet Powerful Salt Nicotine Delivery System

Vapo Maxx by VaporTech – A Small Yet Powerful Salt Nicotine Delivery System

The Vapo Maxx is a miniature disposable pod device that packs a potent salt nicotine punch with every flavor-filled drag. Just like you would expect from a disposable, the Vapo Maxx is easy to use, even for a total beginner. Its miniature size also makes it portable and perfect for stealthy vaping. It also delivers 280 puffs, quite generous considering its size. You do not have to worry about refills, maintenance, or recharging dead batteries, just open it up from the pack and vape away until you cannot vape again.

About VaporTech

VaporTech is a renowned manufacturer, well known for its innovative additions to the vaping industry. They have their headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, they have a plethora of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and e juices that are specially designed to suit a variety of vaper’s preferences. 

The company combines excellent products with top-notch customer service. They have been voted “Best e-liquid in Arizona” three times in a row and “Best of Phoenix” twice, so if you are just hearing about them for the first time, then you are in luck. 

Design and Build Quality

Vapo Maxx by VaporTech - A Small Yet Powerful Salt Nicotine Delivery System

We have already heard a lot about its small size, not bigger than your pinky finger. It also sports a sleek rectangular build with curved edges and an ergonomic duck-bill-shaped mouthpiece seated at the top. All this to ensure that both holding the device in your hand and mouth are as comfortable as ever.  

The Vapo Maxx sports a unique battery light indicator at the bottom so you know just how much power you have left rather than carrying an ‘almost dead’ disposable on a journey. There is a small airflow hole on one side of the device and two at the bottom so you get a smooth draw. 

To make things even simpler, the Vapo Maxx features a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism so you do not have to push a button to activate the device. 

Flavor Profile

Whatever flavor combination you fancy, there is a Vapo Maxx that would suit you perfectly. You get to choose from 11 specially crafted fruit, menthol, dessert, and tobacco mixtures that would make your taste buds stand on the edge. On both the inhale and exhale, your taste buds are treated to a barrage of well-balanced flavors so you get to enjoy the full flavor experience with each drag.

The ejuice flavor options you get to choose from including the VaporTech Vapo Maxx Apple Chill, Ry4, Pixie Frost, Fire & Ice, Bananaice, Berry Banana, Blue Icicle, Icy Lychee, Citrus Pink, Lemon Glacier, and Tropicoco.

Vapo Maxx by VaporTech - A Small Yet Powerful Salt Nicotine Delivery System

Nicotine Concentration

The first thing to note is the proprietary salt nicotine blend that VaporMaxx makes use of in all of their disposable devices. This is because the disposable devices are designed to aid a transitioning smoker until he/she can say goodbye to cigarettes for good. To do this, the devices need to deliver high levels of nicotine to mimic the throat hit of an actual cigarette. 

Regular nicotine can do this, but in high concentrations, you would end up with a harsh or sore sensation in your throat which is unpleasant. So in place of regular nicotine, VaporTech makes use of salt nicotine because it can accommodate high levels of nicotine without delivering any unpleasant sensation in your throat.

That said, the Vapo Maxx comes with 60mg of salt nicotine-infused into the ejuice formula. If you love a good kick, this is the kick of a century. 

Final Verdict

From accurate-tasting flavors to sufficient battery life, to strong and smooth throat hits, this miniature disposable device is one that you should not take lightly. If you are out for something simple but still able to keep you away from cigarettes, then the Vapo Maxx by VaporTech is your best choice. 

You can get the Vapo Maxx in any of the 11 available flavors on vaportech USA for only $4.99.